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Linda Wiedmaier

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More talent:
For all projects, I can bring on board talented graphic artists, Web designers, photographers, and video production and post-production professionals, as well as other writers and editors.

About Linda

You can always view my resume
to get a snapshot of my skills and experience. Beyond the resume, you’ll find a person who thrills at the power of words.

In crafting communications or managing others to get the good word out, I go back to my roots as a farm girl. In my E-I-E-I-Oh! approach, I find the perfect words to ...
Excite people into thought, discussion or action

Illuminate your events, people, products and services 

Engage your target market with style and substance

Inspire to touch hearts and souls 

Raise the
Oh! factor to elicit an "Oh! You must see this!" – and keep your audience humming your tune. 











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