Get to know me and what I can deliver

Delivering The Goods Anywhere, Anytime


With my left-brain organization skills and my right-brain creative talents, count on me to successfully deliver content that requires critical focus and innovative flair. 

Whether working in your office cube, on your set, or at home in my fuzzy bathrobe, I bring my positive energy, my versatility and my collaborative spirit to every project. 

My broad-based experiences give me the confidence to develop solutions to meet challenges. I ask the smart questions, do the required research, work within the established time frame, and exceed expectations. No hand holding required. 

Writer & Editor: Client Deliverables


Clear, concise and compelling content to achieve the results you desire. 

I can:

• Engage and inform your target audience with style and substance

• Illuminate complex topics

• Draw and retain readers and customers using SEO best practices and vibrant content
• Communicate your messages in-house, B2B, B2C on multi platforms in multi media

• Revise and polish each word, each sentence, each paragraph and each document
• Ensure logical overall structure and consistent style
• Provide fresh perspectives

Production Manager: Client Deliverables


Efficient, collaborative production management to facilitate your vision and organize your set, ensuring everything runs smoothly. 

I can:

· Solve problems 

· Manage logistics

· Oversee budget and keep expenses to a minimum

· Handle all necessary paperwork, including union paperwork, release forms, crew and cast agreements

· Coordinate with department heads 

· Delegate and provide oversight

· Prepare breakdown and preliminary shooting schedule

· Prepare call sheets as needed

· Complete production reports